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Posted by: NYCVoiceTeacher 12:50 pm EDT 06/17/22
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This show has no comparison to LaCage or Angels in America or any other gay show.

I have written in depth about why I don't feel this is a good show. First of all the individual elements. The book is all over the place. There is no focus. The score is repetitive and juvenile. There is no perspective from the main character on his plight. It's incredibly self indulgent and whiny.

But the main reason it doesn't work is that the main character.. Usher... is a very confused, and troubled young man. The way it is written we are laughing AT him. He is getting F($cked which is the low point and humiliating... and the audience is laughing because of the way it is written. It did not work for me because Usher is going through a really personal, gut wrenching period in his life... and we are laughing. I certainly wasn't. I was horrified for the character. Usher deserved better.

It's a mess in almost every way.

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