re: Why fire anyone when the show's a hit?
Posted by: Chazwaza 08:33 pm EDT 06/16/22
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To clarify, since I was accused of hyperbole about my description of the poster's being wild naive ... I am asking you to think about them as producers who think like PRODUCERS. As even I said, I am sure they stand by their choice, I am sure they love Beanie... I don't think they produced this revival with no confidence in her or love of what she offers or brings to it. But as Producers, when push comes to shove as it always does for a producer, I *do* think it is naive (or more to my point, intentionally speaking with a naiveté that I don't entirely believe the poster has) to think the producers don't question their choice or actively wish they'd gone down a different path with the star casting, knowing now what they know... the she and the show would get mixed to negative reviews with some very "think again about buying tickets"-inducing comments about her performance specifically (from the *critics* i mean), and NO Tony noms for their star or any cast or aspect of the show because Jared. I just don't think in the cold reality that they wouldn't decide to trade it for a different outcome if they had the chance. I'm sure they'd much more readily say they wish the critics and Tony Awards had seen what they see in the show and its star, but other than that, yes I think absolutely most or all of the producers, thinking as producers, wish they had someone who got rave reviews, lit the box office on fire, got and won a Tony for this enormous star role in this star vehicle, and helped bring the rest of the show more noms and even wins. That is the goal and dream of any producer. And I don't think this production was a "for the love and the art" type production enough to believe they wouldn't trade in their choice for the outcome I laid out. BUT it's quite possible I'm just a cold bitch and they wouldn't have had it any other way, come what may.

We also don't know if the production was going to happen without Beanie or not. Not speculating, but we do not actually know that aspect.
Anyway... maybe I'm the naive one! And that's perfectly possible and fine if I'm just making bad assumptions about these producers.

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