re: how she ever got cast is the real mystery
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I think by saying "white man misogyny" you are pretty openly saying that it would be specific and also at least less problematic if it were, for example, black man misogyny.

For someone who wants to easily and brazenly imply (via your assumption) that the people who are rooting for Benko, who happens to be thin and "conventionally attractive", to take over for Beanie *because* she is thin and conventionally attractive... it seems you're conveniently happy to make assumptions about what people mean without them saying the thing, but then want to use language yourself that is even more clear in its implications of use or combination and act like I'm the one reading into it.

I am not fan of Michael Riedel - I don't think everything he ever says is bad or wrong - but I am critical and not a fan. It's very possible he'd say things about her that I'd find cruel or unnecessary or rooted in misogyny. But I'm not just going to confidently assume that as what it would be.

But I am also not a fan of weaponizing someone's skin color when it is really immaterial. I know you to be more than aware and intelligent enough to know that you chose to say "white man" on purpose, and that you also know it implies you think his whiteness makes him more likely to write with misogyny and and/or that the misogyny he writes with will have less reason to be tolerated than if a poc columnist or critic did it... that's where I think there's a lie or falsehood and at least very false equivalence. I'm not arguing that he's white. And let's not forget, Beanie is white. I could understand an argument or an innate defensiveness about what you could assume about the kind of misogyny a white man might have when talking about a poc woman, but that isn't even at play here as a potential.

And I also think you are very quick to assume something is misogyny when it's about a woman and is critical or negative... and then you talk with authority as if once you've interpreted that or assumed that is present then it is correctly observed rather than assumed, and is a fact about the statement or the poster or this board.

"Point that out in any form, and some white men get a bit antsy." Here it is again... i mean the amount of assumptions to unpack here. You clearly think, as you are implying again here (in your explanation for why you *weren't* linking whiteness with misogyny over misogyny in all men regardless of skin color) that it is linked for you and you meant to link it, that white men are more misogynistic or that their misogyny is less tolerable than a poc man's misogyny (or, for that matter, a woman's - of any race). You don't know the race of most posters here, unless they've stated it and you were keen to remember and keep track. And "some white men" "get a bit antsy" ... i mean the generalizations...
I'm also not clear if when you say misogyny you mean because she's a woman or because she's a youngish woman or because she's a fat woman.
And why is it white misogyny specifically but not straight man misogyny? Or even straight white man? Or straight white man over 50 ... But really, do you think if Riedel were gay it would be the same because he's white, or does him being heterosexual not impact his view or or expectation of women and how he writes about them, or at least the assumptions one can easily make or put on them? Of course there are gay men who are casually misogynistic... but generally it seems worse from straight men than gay... so why not mention of that? Another reason your choice of words an emphasis does have an implication that is clear.

I just don't know why you think whiteness is so inherently linked to misogyny, or the misogyny that *might* have been in the Riedel writing he *might* have done, or why you think it's appropriate to imply that it's worse when it comes from white men, or why you think it's fair to assume anyone vocally critical of a female is doing it out of misogyny ... I'm just not getting it. And I'm not trying to make it complicated... I think you made it complicated by bringing his skin color into your statement.

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