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That's my impression of this show also, unfortunately. I've experienced nights in drag bars buttonholed by Divas whose fabulousness turns to lamentation of their lot in life after too many cocktails. This seems like the same thing to me. I don't have the money to spend to go see this to find out that I'm right.

I guess a bigger question I have is why is a character who is an usher worthy of our time and what is his "want"? Just being Black, gay and misunderstood doesn't really make me want to pay to join his journey (if there is a journey) because I already support Black and gay values and donate to their causes. So what compelling drive makes this show engrossing to someone who already validates Gay Black men? I don't suppose Usher is a wonderful brain surgeon or neighborhood activist or somesuch similar non self-serving person who is doing something for the greater good, and is being denied the ability to do so because of his life circumstances...? I mean everything I see about this character in clips makes me want to cross the street before he engages me in conversation because he seems SO incredibly self centered and needy and offputting.

Lastly, I would not mind a buttf*** lyric as long as it scans and rhymes accurately. Some of the lyrics I've heard from this show have false rhymes and lyrics with the emPHAsis on the wrong sylLAble and that kind of thing drives me up the wall when sitting in a theatre. I'm "old school" that way, as Ryhog will point out!

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