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Posted by: AlanScott 01:06 am EDT 06/16/22
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I tend to think that single-week increases and decreases are generally not all that meaningful, except in cases when a star or an acclaimed performer has left a show, or when a star with drawing power joins a cast, or when pre-opening advance sale has pretty much run out and reviews were disappointing (or worse). The last used to be able to be seen particularly clearly in the days when highly anticipated shows sold lots of theatre parties before opening, with many of them usually being sold before even the tryout started. Looking through issues of Variety, this can so clearly be seen, especially since Variety usually noted when there were parties.

Big single-week jumps after great reviews or winning awards may also be meaningful, but sometimes don't last long.

In the case of Funny Girl, we see a trend. After reaching a high gross during the week that ended May 8, it has gone down every week but one since then. And the one week it went up, it went up by just $3,000. Over the course of the last six weeks, the gross has gone down by $366K. That is clearly not good and it certainly raises the possibility that it might (the italics are important) close when Feldstein and Lynch leave or possibly even earlier. I have not tried to figure out to what degree this trend may have had to do with Feldstein's absences.

It is not inconceivable that they might be able to either attract a name replacement (but that seems unlikely) or might hope that if Julie Benko takes over, word of mouth and/or reviews might help it run a while longer. The latter also seems a bit unlikely but not impossible.

Anyway, this is not to argue with you. I would just say that any site or news source that wants to present itself as understanding how things work will focus on trends rather than a single-week drop. And based on what he wrote about A Strange Loop. I question Greg Evans's understanding of how things work.
Link Funny Girl grosses history

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