i have a feeling she's happy to be done early, i don't think it would take her being fired
Posted by: Chazwaza 09:39 pm EDT 06/15/22
In reply to: re: I mean, why wait? - mlop 09:35 pm EDT 06/15/22

There's no contract issue if there's no dispute. Beanie already has a great career and bright future in scripted TV and movies when she's available to do more of them... I think if this had been a hit, or if she got great reviews, sure... but it seems pretty clear she is ready to move on to other stuff, and 6 months is plenty for her. And I'm sure the producers, while wanting to stick by the actor they staked this entire revival on, are ready to see who they could book to replace her and get raves and sell tickets... name, or unknown.

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