re: I mean, why wait?
Posted by: Chazwaza 08:42 pm EDT 06/15/22
In reply to: re: I mean, why wait? - Leon_W 07:42 pm EDT 06/15/22

The chatters here are one thing ... we are not the critical body of NYC ... and nearly every critic who reviewed the show was either lukewarm and finding nice things to emphasize while downplaying the glaring negatives, or were either politely negative or just negative.

And I'm not sure what word of mouth you're hearing ... I hear a mix. People on this board, and the critics, are not the only people who find this performance disappointing or notably lacking, and/or the entire production. Not everyone seeing it feels this way -- many like it, and many find it enjoyable despite Beanie clearly not giving the kind of sensational performance you might want in the role... but don't try to paint it like it's only this board who have been displeased with this revival and the performance at the center.

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