re: Paradise Square: My favorite part in Act 2 was ... (spoilers)
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....when their neighborhood was burning down, and the main characters take refuge in the bar. Then comes a succession of supporting characters who all knock on the door of the bar, enter the bar, and then tell the characters in the bar what's happening outside the bar. So, it kind of went, KNOCK, KNOCK, KNOCK. "Come in!" "This is what's happening outside....." (Everyone reacts.) KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK, "Come in." "Now, THIS is happening outside." (Everyone reacts.) KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK. Well, you get the idea. Then one of the characters announces that all of their friends found shelter and survived. Whew! Way to use characters for some clunky exposition! Overall, I enjoyed it while I was in the theater watching it (recognizing it had huge flaws.) But it left my mind as soon as my sneakers hit the sidewalk. The cast certainly gave it their all.
(And, is the "Let It Burn" standing ovation a self-fulfilling prophecy? People read in the papers that the number gets a standing ovation, so when they go to see it they stand up because it said so in the reviews. And am I using the right term --self-fulfilling prophecy? Hmmmm.)

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