The Matt Morrison Treasure Trail thread was about historical accuracy
Posted by: BrianJ 05:53 am EDT 05/12/22

It has come to my attention that the 2008 Treasure Trail thread has been referenced recently in relation to the Funny Girl threads in a sort of competitive aspect of "Which got more posts?"

"Which got more attention on ATC?" "Criticizing Beanie Feldstein for her shitty incompetent singing, or lustily drooling over Matthew Morrison's hot Treasure Trail??" "What does TB care the most about?!??"

Just for the record -

The ONLY reason the supposed "Treasure Trail" thread was ever started was totally directed at Bartlett Sher. How many Marines in 1942 - (and I fully admit I did not serve in the Marines in 1942, so I can't pretend a personal knowledge of their depilatory habits) - but still, how many Marines in 1942 shaved and/or waxed their Treasure Trails?

And when Bartlett Sher insisted that the government-subsidized Lincoln Center Theater stage must feature a 1942 "Marine" with a shaved and/or waxed Treasure Trail - how was the audience supposed to feel?

Was this what you call an acceptable South Pacific revival, for the first time in 53 years (since the original production closed in 1954)?

Or if you want to count the Music Theater of Lincoln Center production, for the first time in 41 years? I challenge anyone to remember whether or not Justin McDonough sang "Younger Than Springtime" well, though I do remember conversations at Intermission about how natural (i.e. unwaxed) he looked.

Contrast that to the 2008 Intermission conversations across the plaza - poor Kelli and Paulo were trying their best, but most people I heard at Intermission were discussing whether Matty M. shaved the TT at home or went to a salon for a professional wax job. NOT what a World War II drama should be focused on!!

Anyway, please stop the misapprehension of that 2008 discussion - people were debating historical accuracy!!!

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