re: There's no way to spin these numbers, they're bad
Posted by: Michael_Portantiere 03:21 pm EDT 06/16/21
In reply to: There's no way to spin these numbers, they're bad - Singapore/Fling 02:46 am EDT 06/16/21

At no point have you let your lack of expertise stop you from repeating your uninformed opinions as if they are fact, which you then back up with personal attacks.

At no point have you let your skewed perception of reality -- nor your annoying habit of reading only what you want to read, rather than what the other person actually wrote -- stop you from posting here so often.

I don't believe I have attacked anyone personally. Rather, you have often come VERY close to personal attacks against people who post things you disagree with, as when you have labeled certain posts as "racist" but have stopped short of actually calling the posters themselves racists, which would have resulted in your posts being deleted by the admin.

To your point about ITH's performance at the box office compared to other movies in release, the fact remains that of all the people who chose to go to a theater to see a movie last weekend, enough of them chose ITH to make it the #2 movie -- apparently close behind another movie that, while it may have had a decline since its release, is still a sequel to one of the most financially successful movies of recent years.

Contrary to your perception, I do not deny, nor do I mean to downplay, the fact that ITH was a big disappointment at the box office in its first weekend relative to the projections, or relative to the amount of money that was spent to make and market the film. I only wish to state AGAIN that I think those projections were way out of line to begin with, probably because they didn't sufficiently take into account such factors as the lack of any major movie or TV stars in the film, the fact that it's based on a Broadway musical that only ran for three years rather than 10-plus, etc. Nor did those projections take into account such unpredictable variables as the reality that the movie happened to open on the first weekend that brought exceptionally beautiful weather to much of the country just as pandemic restrictions that have existed for a year and a half have begun to be lifted, which I'm sure resulted in a great many people choosing to spend their days and evenings in outdoor activities rather than attend ANY movie. (All of this is a repeat of what I've posted here before, but the fact that you haven't gotten it till now is another example of how you only comprehend as much of what you read as you want to comprehend in order to start an argument.)

Now I will truly avoid engaging with you ever again, as your recent posts have reminded me all to well why I stopped doing so in the first place.

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