Street Vendors in musicals
Posted by: showtunetrivia 11:51 pm EDT 06/15/21

So, it was 106 here today and too hot to think about anything serious. So I got to pondering about the Piragua Guy, and realized there was a whole subsection of Street Vendors in musicals, many singing songs to sell their wares, but not all.

Piragua Guy in IN THE HEIGHTS (“Piragua”)
The bird seller and Tobias in SWEENEY TODD (“Green Finch and Linnet Bird,” “Pirelli’s Miracle Elixir,” “God, That’s Good”)
Peter the honey man, devil crab man, strawberry seller in PORGY AND BESS (“Here Come de Honey Man,” “Crab Man,” “Oh, Dey’s So Fresh and Fine”)
Eliza and her mates in MY FAIR LADY (certainly they’re street vendors, but “Loverly” isn’t a selling song)
The bazaar merchants in Baghdad in KISMET (“Baubles, Bangles and Beads”)
The strawberry seller, knife grinder, rose seller and others, plus Mr. Bumble himself, peddling Oliver, in OLIVER (“Who Will Buy?” “Boy For Sale”)
Chip in THE 25th ANNUAL PUTNAM COUNTY SPELLING BEE, selling candy, though not technically on the street (“My Unfortunate Erection”)
The slave auctioneer in BLOOMER GIRL (“Man For Sale”)
Sandy, Meg and all the vendors in BRIGADOON (“Down on MacConnachy Square”)
The artist, the whore, and the newspaper seller in AMOUR (“Street Vendors’ Waltz”j
The newsboys in NEWSIES (although “Carrying the Banner” is more about selling papers than a song to help sell them)
The dancing girl and the rug seller, and all the fishmongers in FANNY (“Shika, Shika” and “Oysters, Cockles and Mussels”)
Christie, the acrobat and street peddler, hawking his pictures of Edmund Kean in KEAN (“Penny Plain, Tuppence Colored”)
The whores, pimp and the old hag who buys and sells hair in LES MIZ (“Lovely Ladies”)
Mayer Rothschild selling coins in THE ROTHSCHILDS (“He Tossed a Coin”)
Aladdin steals from the street vendors in ALADDIN (“One Jump Ahead,” though not a selling song)
Apple seller in ANNIE (“We’d Like to Thanks You, Herbert Hoover”-also not a selling song)

Laura, still roasting even at nearly nine PM

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