AWFUL! And not an isolated incident; beware.
Posted by: fredfrankg (fredfrankg427@gmail.com) 04:24 pm EDT 06/15/21
In reply to: Lisa Banes Passes Away - dbdbdb 08:45 am EDT 06/15/21

I was actually on Amsterdam Avenue that evening, though several blocks North, and could see the flashing red lights and cordoned off area.

I'm responding here not only because of this senseless, preventable tragedy, but these accidents are common.

At 7:45 this morning, I was crossing Amsterdam at 69th Street, just five blocks North of Ms. Banes' accident, and was cut off by a motorized scooter that ran a red light. The driver was an adult male and he had a little girl standing on the scooter in front of him. I said "Idiot," and the driver turned around, drove up on the sidewalk to confront me, He circled me on the scooter, and said, "Don't mutter under your breath, sir! This is New York City. You don't know where you are." I said, "You ran a red light!" but he repeated the same thing until he took off.

After that threatening encounter, please, please, look both ways, and be very wary of confrontation with a stranger, even if they have a child in tow. Too many crazy incidents are happening; avoid them when you can. Stay safe.


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