re: ENCORES 2022 – I’m out!
Posted by: mikem 03:35 pm EDT 06/15/21
In reply to: ENCORES 2022 – I’m out! - ShowGoer 03:19 pm EDT 06/15/21

Maybe they aren't doing Love Life because some key person is not available. So maybe it will be around next year.

It looks like they announced The Life and The Tap Dance Kid back in September, although I don't remember reading anything about that here. They are calling their production of The Tap Dance Kid a "concert adaptation" by Lydia Diamond. I don't remember seeing a "concert adaptation" credit before. Does that mean limited dancing? There is a listed new choreographer, who is Jared Grimes. I haven't seen The Tap Dance Kid, but from the name, I would think there would be a lot of dancing.

I agree that a "new annual tradition" of having high school students on stage in an Encores production is a nice gesture but does not sound appealing at all.
Link https://www.nycitycenter.org/About/our-programs/encores/

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