ENCORES 2022 – I’m out!
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They’ve apparently announced their season with official dates, though with little fanfare. (Understandably.) Oddly, despite having been a subscriber since the very beginning, I haven’t even gotten a renewal notice by email or snail mail yet (I say it seems strange because if they’re not going after their longtime subscribers, then who??)

In any case, this season is a snooze. I did enjoy Tap Dance Kid decades ago so I’ll probably look for a discount single for that one, but that’s it. The Life? Some good tunes but wasn’t very good even when Michael Blakemore directed it and even with Lillias White’s show stopping award-winning star turn. Into the Woods? I’ve seen it 3 times onstage in NY just in the last decade, and that’s not even counting the blissful reunion of the original cast at BAM.. so an Encores production with high school kids? Due respect to them but no thanks. (For those of us who consider Woods second-rate Sondheim, there’s a strong argument to be made that this is the first Encores season ever without a single first-rate score in the bunch… very weird, since you’d think the score is the purpose of even doing musicals in concert, even if their overall ‘mission’ has changed.)

I’m all for new interpretations, but they still have to be shows people are interested in seeing. I know I’m old, but my suspicion is that this trio of offerings is not that. Or maybe I’m just bitter that after waiting all my many many years to see Love Life, they had to cancel the production days before it opened and didn’t bother to reschedule it. (I am bitter about that, and stunned they didn’t put it in this following season – a storied show by Alan Jay Lerner and Kurt Weill that’s never had a single New York revival, replaced by a Sondheim show that’s had at least FOUR so far this century. And don’t anyone even try to tell me they had to go with crowd-pleasing titles to make up for losses during the pandemic – does anyone think that the titles The Life or The Tap Dance Kid are gonna mean more at the box office than Love Life, with or without major talents like Brian Stokes Mitchell and Kate Baldwin?).

But either way, feels like a good time to say adieu, Encores and after nearly 30 years, to get off the ride.
Link https://www.nycitycenter.org/About/our-programs/encores/

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