re: It Sadly Was Very Boring
Posted by: stan 08:42 pm EDT 06/14/21
In reply to: It Sadly Was Very Boring - bythesea2007 05:21 pm EDT 06/14/21

I went begrudgingly to the musical on Broadway about 3-4 months into the run and was pleasantly surprised. When PBS presented the show I made it through about 20 minutes. And I saw 45 minutes of the HBO Max film. Loud, garish and simplistic. (I thought La La Land was a real treat so I can enjoy fantasy). Almost every film I've viewed during the pandemic (except for a few foreign ones) -- Ma Rainey and Mank, both of which I should have liked, for example, have been a disappointment. Perhaps, at home, I focus too deeply on what's said and what happens. There's no escapism. I have enjoyed a few of the series -- lately the one about the Danish Queen. I think the medium affects the message.

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