Is this really a surprise?
Posted by: broadwaybacker 03:35 pm EDT 06/14/21
In reply to: Such a shock and such a shame…. - ShowGoer 03:19 pm EDT 06/14/21

As I noted in a prior thread, I watched the film on HBO MAX and enjoyed it (except for the sound mixing issues). But I'm puzzled as to why so many people thought this was destined to be a box office hit.

We are all musical theater buffs. Many of us (including me) saw the show on Broadway and enjoyed it. But what is it about the film that would attract a broad audience? The score is not widely known (and that's an understatement). There is no star. It's not a "kid friendly" movie, or certainly not a Disneyesque musical by any means. The big star of the show, and the biggest name in the cast has a bit part (and I'm not even sure that mattered).

There is no intended snark in this post. I'm honestly curious, and willing to be educated. What is the intended market for this film?

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