Such a shock and such a shame….
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Agreed with all you said. The stats are in, and it’s not pretty.

I guess the only question left for Monday-morning quarterbacking is what would have happened in a world with no pandemic (and possibly, a country less politicized, whatever would have happened in last year’s election): In a USA where the new James Bond film became a huge hit in March 2020, the next Fast and Furious movie became a huge hit in April 2020, and the Marvel movie Black Widow became a huge hit in May 2020, and moviegoing statistics were as normal, with no fear, with no capacity restrictions, and with no simultaneous streaming option, would “In the Heights”, coming closer in time to the peak of Hamilton publicity, met with these reviews, and in a summer that saw no reason at all not to celebrate, have drawn better crowds?

My money says yes – maybe not a hit on the level of Chicago or Greatest Showman or Les Miserables, but certainly to the point where we’d maybe at least be comparing it with Dreamgirls and Hairspray rather than with Cats and Rent.
Link ‘In The Heights’ Has Slow Start On HBO Max In Addition To Soft Box Office Opening

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