It's Celine Dionery
Posted by: Jax 12:18 pm EDT 06/14/21
In reply to: re: That’s a better movie - KingSpeed 03:49 am EDT 06/14/21

Saw THE GREATEST SHOWMAN early on and thought it was terrible. Went back to see it when it became a phenomena; I wanted to figure out why. My best guess is that most of the songs are bombastic power ballads of the type that Celine Dion bellows in her Vegas shows. I thought they were awful both times I heard them, but clearly there is a big audience for such overhyped melodies.

Each song started soft ("I am slow/I feel so low") then built to a huge life-affirming wallow ("I'm gonna eat the world!/I'll eat the world!"). Terrible stuff, like the Oscar-nominated howlers that Diane Warren writes each year for the movies. Far better scores (RENT, ITH) have fallen on deaf ears.

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