The World's Turned Upside-Down
Posted by: Quicheo 11:34 am EDT 06/14/21
In reply to: Miranda musical is No. 1 at box office, but is falling short of expected 'Heights' - WaymanWong 02:17 pm EDT 06/12/21

I am enjoying reading all these takes and learning as I do, but I can't help but wonder if we really understand the post-pandemic market.

I am certain there are things that could be done differently, or better, but the truth is that a musical film featuring almost exclusively Latino / Hispanic actors, using some of the best dance talent available yet still celebrating a wide variety of body shapes and sizes, and marketed as exactly what is was, became the first movie many people chose to see post-vaccination. It wasn't a sequel, it wasn't a known brand, it wasn't a family film--it was an honest, aw-shucks MUSICAL. And it did business in theaters. And I suspect got seen at home plenty. That is a good thing.

And I'll bet is has legs. We'll see, of course, but I don't think this story is over yet.

All available shows sold well all weekend in my little college town in Iowa.

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