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Posted by: bway1430 08:48 am EDT 06/13/21
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It's tricky.

He gets a very low grade for not acting fast enough on the virus and always being reactive rather than proactive. But he has been let off the hook largely for the overwhelmingly positive way he got his sh*t together in terms of a cohesive response and an amazing roll-out of the vaccination scheme that has shown the government and NHS at its best.

That said, it was established on April 1 that a dangerous variant was in India and once again, Boris dropped the ball. Rather than immediately closing the borders he and the ministers dilly-dallied and at least 20,000 people came into the country from India before the border was finally closed. It is that variant which will likely cause at least a four week delay in the country being fully open. This has not been announced yet but once it lands, I think Boris will be up for one helluva media and public lashing.

As far as ALW, he isn't ignoring the science. He's pissed because the industry, thanks to the reasons mentioned above, is about to get hit hard again. That four week delay will cost untold millions in the hospitality industry which is already in critical condition thanks to previous lockdowns and a glut in staffing due to Brexit (roughly 40% of the workers in that sector had to return home). Hardest hit will be theatres trying to open as soon as they can (including 7 houses that ALW owns), not to mention a huge setback in building confidence in theatregoers that they can return to see shows and do so safely.

I thought his response was certainly not great but it worked in terms of getting the government's attention. He is now pleading with ministers for a compromise should we see another 4 week delay happen (and it will). As of this morning's news, he is proposing an increase from 50% capacity to 75% capacity with all measures remaining in place in terms of covid safety.

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