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Posted by: bway1430 01:14 pm EDT 06/12/21
In reply to: re: Wow..... - ryhog 10:17 am EDT 06/12/21

We will agree to disagree as we have certain laboured it enough already.

You clearly are seeing something that may not be there when it comes to his intentions. You see a greedy bastard. I see a man passionate as hell for the arts and getting the West End back on its feet....and considering he has invested millions into the industry, he has a sh*t ton at stake so yes, I think his passion is most warranted even if I do not agree with his methods.

But just for the record, you have, time and time again, gone after him because he is a "Conservative". Totally not fair. You seem eager to dismiss all of the good he has done (and there is a lot to praise about his contributions) and label it all as greed and self serving. Until you can get past your strongly held biases about his politics or his wealth ( despite the zillions he has given back to the industry) your judgement on these matters is hard to give any real credibility.

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