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Posted by: ryhog 10:17 am EDT 06/12/21
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We agree, it seems, about his handling of this, and I assume we agree that even one death is too many to justify reopening. Where we part company is that I view his proposed criminal act (which amounts to taking the law in his own hands) as no better than anyone who commits any criminal act that places people at risk. I gather we also part company in our willingness to tolerate composers pontificating on what the science says. This is not something we let unqualified individuals decide. The collective qualified wisdom on the subject (in the UK) is saying "not so fast." These scientists are looking at the explosion of new Delta variant cases in the UK and processing that information as it relates to the current situation. That data gives them pause. How does ALW's unqualified "full steam ahead" compete with that?

Yes I find conservatives who elevate money over lives to be evil. I think that is what ALW has been doing for over a year. I am sorry if you find that appalling. And no I do not find other support for the arts (even if we assume it is not borne of self-interest) to justify the evil-doing, and that's true whether it is ALW or David Koch or anyone else.

BTW, while he is quoted as stating no objection to vaccine passports, he is not pushing for that and seems perfectly content to let unvaccinated people in with a covid test. Maybe other UK producers agree with this-to my knowledge they are not speaking up-but this is in stark contrast to what producers here are doing right now, which is requiring the vaccination.

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