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If there was an award for over-reaction, I think your latest missive would win the award. Hands down. The man has been passionate about a return to the theatre and been quite vocal in his ire against the government and how they bungled the response which has screwed the artistic economy. His attempts to bring audiences back some time ago using the model that was working in S Korea may have not worked since we were forced into a second lock-down, but at no point was he playing fast-and-loose with the lives of the public. To suggest that he did was pure fiction. And yet you equate this with "attempted murder". That is quite an embellishment to put it mildly.

And while I do not agree with how he has handled this, I wholeheartedly agree with his anger and understand his desperation. Throughout the lockdowns the arts industry was hit the worst and most artists/performers were not elligible for emergency funding. Many have had no choice but to pursue other careers and they won't be coming back. ALW's point is that if they cannot open then they must be compensated until they can. You can read it yourself on the BBC website. His exact words were: "If the government ignore their own science, we have the mother of all legal cases against them," If Cinderella couldn't open we'd go, 'look, either we go to law about it or you'll have to compensate us."'

There have been a number of recent, large scale events done as pilots without masks and without social distancing (including The Brit Awards held at the 02 - but audiences were expected to have had a covid test). The results of these trials have not yet been published. ALW has been asking why and has demanded the results be published before any further restrictions or setbacks are enforced. Is that a crime as well? If you read the article below you see that ALW is was happy for his audiences to wear masks at his shows and for vaccine passports to be used. But in the meantime, the decision makers are not being fully transparent in the results of the pilots or lending support to keep the arts afloat should we be dealt with another setback. They appear to care less and ALW is trying to get them to take notice, not just for himself but for the sector in general. What a monster.

You'll be hard pressed to find other theatre owners and producers (not to mention scores of artists/technicians) who would not back him up in this fight.

But seriously, your opinion that he is some greedy, evil-spewing psychopath who values profit over safety is quite a stretch to say the slightest. Not to mention, truly mean-spirited. Even the use of phrases such as "entitled perch"....you seem to have no perpective of fairness here or seem to have taken an honest look at the facts and scenario that surround this tempest in a tea pot.

Not attacking you either as I am sure there are other matters we would be at total agreement with, but I find your evaluations here quite appalling.
Link Andrew Lloyd Webber 'prepared to be arrested' over theatre reopening

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