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I was not suggesting you were a part of the radical right and did not think you were. But "cancel culture" is a trope of the RR and you did invoke it. Sending a criminal to jail (and that's exactly what ALW is promising to be) is not "cancelling" them; it is punishing them. (And may I remind you that some of the most meaningful (and least "cancelled") words ever written were written in a jail cell.

Nothing I have written suggested that we "cancel" him. What I have done is excoriate him for his stupidity and greed. I also think that what he has been proposing (albeit ineffectually, thank goodness) from the beginning of the pandemic is attempted murder and I think he should be viewed in that light, just as I feel every other Tory whose sanctification of money has killed people should. I don't question the balance you have reached between his good and his bad. I part company with you on that because, as you can probably surmise, nothing he has done for the industry outweighs the loss of one human life.

How do you differentiate between polluting a river and polluting the inside of a theatre? And before you adopt his pathetic attempt at citing "science," (and I don't think you would btw) understand that the real scientists still see a risk to the unvaccinated of filling an auditorium with people some of whom are going to be infected, according to the data.

I have no issue with someone being pissed or outraged about how things have been handled (on either side of the pond) but two wrongs don't make a right. And finally, understand that if ALW had taken the approach to reopening now that responsible people in NYC are following (fully vaccinated, fully filled theatres), and was advocating for the adoption of similar protocols in the West End, I would not be saying these nasty things about him. But that's not what he is doing, and that's not what he was doing a year ago when he was urging reopening theatres for reasons that we now fully understand all too well were ill-advised and dangerous.

So I am not attacking you, because all we are doing is chattering, and I am not suggesting cancelling anyone. But I do believe in the rule of law, and I do believe ALW is using his entitled perch to spew evil.

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