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I am about as leftist as they get so you get quite the award for claiming that I am invoking 'trope of the radical right' but remind me please, which of us said "I hope he rots in jail". If that isn't cancelling someone then perhaps I'm not sure what really is.

Yes, ALW brought up being arrested. I have addressed that elsewhere but once more for those sitting in the back: I think he was wrong in what he said and how he has acted in this instance. But that doesn't mean my disregard for his opinion on this issue cancels out the respect I have for what he has done otherwise for the industry. Clearly you think otherwise and if that brings you joy then thats your business.

Your ill-thought attempts at comparing this with the ridiculous notion of someone poisoning rivers is laughable. You also seem to not understand the context in which he made those comments though I still agree it was quite wrong of him to do so.

ALW is not the only industry leader who is fed up with how the government has botched, time and time again, the initial responses to covid. In terms of being reactive, they get an A+ but not so when it comes to being proactive and taking immediate action. For instance, when they knew there was a dangerous variant in India, why were 20,000 travellers from India let into country's airports after the fact with a delay before borders were closed? That puts everyone involved at risk of being turned backwards which now, if forced to go into yet another lockdown, could further cripple, if not completely destroy many businesses, particularly several productions in the West End. Their actions also undermine the progress towards building the public's confidence to return to the theatre. It was preventable and they failed. If I had invested millions into an industry that was suffering as a result of their mistakes I would likely be pretty pissed off as well.

I wholeheartedly disagree with how he has handled it but I completely understand his outrage and he is far from alone in that on this side of the pond.

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