I agree (and more thoughts on the Classics Rule)
Posted by: earlybird 05:29 pm EDT 06/10/21
In reply to: re: Borderline...but I would guess not - writerkev 03:51 pm EDT 06/10/21

I completely agree, but I felt I had to include that little disclaimer since it hasn’t technically been ruled officially, and I was using it as an example of shows that are ruled revivals despite being remounts of past productions. I didn’t want someone coming at me with “um, hello!! The Tony committee hasn’t announced a ruling for How I Learned to Drive yet!!!”

As a small side note, has anyone else noticed that, in the past few years, the Tony committee generally stopped announcing rulings for the Classics Rule? Back when the Classics Rule was only applied once every 1 or 2 seasons, they used to make a note of it in their announcements. But nowadays, there are tons of shows every season that fall under this category, so at this point, they kind of just assume everyone is on the same page at this point. And thank goodness, because it was exhausting having to explain to people on the message boards Classics Rule every year. And yet, every once in a while I still see stray examples of people like “wait a minute!! This show was never on Broadway before! How is it a revival??”

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