Rebecca Caine, Colm Wilkinson and Garth Drabinsky
Posted by: Drew288 11:04 am EDT 06/09/21

Rebecca Caine (the glorious original Christine in the Toronto 'Phantom', who I saw and loved as a kid) reacted on Twitter to the news of Garth Drabinsky's potential Broadway comeback show "Paradise Square" by sharing details of abusive behaviour by Colm Wilkinson during 'Phantom' that Drabinsky allowed to continue unchecked. It's a harrowing story - in fact, it was Caine's employment that was terminated as a result of his behaviour. You can read the tweets @RebeccaCaine. She does clarify that she and Wilkinson have since privately come to a resolution to the issues.

It appears to have been reported on in the early 90s, but I hadn't heard of it as I was a little too young at the time. And obviously, those were very different days culturally. Even setting this aside, I can't imagine Broadway will welcome back Drabinsky (and my understanding is that he can't enter the US anyway).

I hope Caine is heard and shown respect as this plays out.
Link Drabinsky's return?

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