Maggie Flynn
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I was going to see an Albee play that evening, but my sister wanted me to take her college roommate into the city to see her first play on Broadway, and I figured Albee's work would be the wrong introduction -- it might have been "All Over." But the only musical I could quickly get tickets to was "Maggie Flynn," perhaps playing at that musical graveyard, the Billy Rose. Cassidy was out, but his understudy was fine -- I'll have to check who that was -- and Jones was okay. The two things I remember were the two story set which regularly rose and sank into the floor then suddenly rose to three stories towards the end. The audience applauded for that. Also, the actor in the Cassidy part, early on, throws his derby partway across the stage and it lands neatly on a freestanding hat rack. The audience applauded for that, too. Oh, yeah, and there was a title song that kept sticking four-syllable adjectives in front of Maggie Flynn, like "unquenchable" and "unsinkable." I thought "unbearable" fit pretty well, but my sister's roommate loved the show, and, years later, was still thanking me for "that night on Broadway." I should have taken her drinking afterward, but I think she was under-age.

Quick follow-up: it was the ANTA, William and Jean Eckart did the set, Bob Roman -- who I largely knew and liked from a concept album for "Tom Jones" (which also had Karen Morrow and I think Clive Revill in the cast) -- was Cassidy's standby, and Stephanie Mills was in the cast. Lots of kids, if I remember, because -- oh, yeah -- it was partly set in an orphanage. But it was no "Sound of Music." Though the cast was more diversified.

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