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Posted by: jgerard 05:01 pm EDT 06/05/21
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I respect your seriousness of purpose. I'm a bit taken aback by your credulousness, since you reliably (and often correctly) throw shade on the credulousness of others. "All The News That's Fit To Print" was an unrealizable promise when Adolph Ochs invented it in 1897; in today's digital era, it's little more than a silly anachronism. (I've always preferred MAD magazine's version: "All The News That Fits, We Print). The Times is at once a journal and arbiter of taste, nowhere more so than in its culture report. I would suggest that the League and the American Theatre Wing, as co-producers of the Tonys, bear comparison to banks that red-line. Their primary interest is real estate-related and real-estate generated branding. It should be the business of The Times to challenge such policies and to hold Tony Awards Productions to account, rather than offering complicity in this destructive ruse.

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