Sutton dedicated to fostering an inclusive environment for her all-white co-stars
Posted by: Singapore/Fling 10:35 pm EDT 06/04/21
In reply to: VARIETY: Sutton Foster, Scott Rudin & THE MUSIC MAN - StageLover 05:54 pm EDT 06/04/21

Foster is saying a lot of the right things, in terms of assessing her values (though she notes that while she wasn't comfortable working for Rudin, she wasn't necessarily going to leave the show), but it's disappointing that those values don't extent to creating a company that features BIPOC actors in the main cast. Like "Dolly", there will no doubt be a few folks of color in the chorus, but in 2021, it's very disappointing to have all of the leads be white... especially in a show that is marketed as a nostalgia fest, letting us bask in the good ol' days of The Golden Age; that nostalgia isn't as innocent as some folks would like to believe.

(With a hat tip and apology to Wayman for sneaking in the pun.)

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