Disappointing but not surprising
Posted by: broadwaybacker 02:32 pm EDT 06/04/21
In reply to: re: Broadway may be back, but are sales slow? - Busy_Bee 02:15 pm EDT 06/04/21

Last night my wife and I met another couple for dinner at a restaurant and ate indoors due to huge thunderstorms that washed out our outdoor seating. It was the first time we sat inside at a restaurant since February of 2020, and we're both fully vaccinated. The restaurant is very popular and it was 75% empty.

There is going to be a natural hesitancy, after all we've been through and all we've heard for the past 16 or so months about going to a theater with 1500 other people and sitting shoulder to shoulder with them for 2.5 hours. I wish that wasn't the case but it was certainly predictable. And yes, until demand begins to exceed the supply, producers will learn that they've got to lower ticket prices significantly. It's the first law of economics.

If you go to a movie these days, odds are that the theater will be nearly empty, and movie tickets are what, 12 bucks?

People will not be returning to the theater until they have become convinced that it doesn't pose a significant health risk, and I'm talking about people who are fully vaccinated.

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