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Re Jackman --
Re The Boy From Oz -- He had already been in 2 successful XMen movies & two romcoms(1 was Kate&Leopold for which he got a Golden Globe nod) - and many did not want him to do theatre for a year because he was on the cusp of a major Hollywood career. It was only his agent, Patrick Whitesell, who encouraged him to do the show . Patrick was also the same one who advised him to work on getting the Les Miserables role. Interestingly, Hugh was first offered the part when the show was being developed in Australia but he turned it down because he thought it would typecast him. He was more of a dramatic theatre graduate but he was offered and did Beauty and the Beast & Sunset Boulevard before, the last of which brought him in contact with Trevor Nunn who cast him again this time in Oklahoma! in London (Ironically, the XMen producer LSDonner saw him in Oklahoma!...and that led eventually to Wolverine ). He had no qualms saying YES when the producers wanted him to bring The Boy From Oz to Broadway. Relatively speaking, he did originate the dramas A Steady Rain &The River on Broadway. On film, he has not done a remake at all.

On film, he did shepherd the development of the movie musical The Greatest Showman. He announced this project under his production company in 2009. He hosted the Oscars then and he was pitched the idea of a Barnum musical by Oscars( and Hollywood) producer Larry Marc who was impressed by him when he was rehearsing for the Oscars. But it took 8 years for the musical to reach movie screens. It involved a series of screenwriters to write the screenplay ( which actually included Oscar winning screenwriter Michael Arndt but who was uncredited because the rules only allowed maximum of 2) and a number of workshops to test the musical score that Pasek & Paul had developed starting in 2014 or so. Actually, Pasek&Paul were not hired as official songwriters but director Michael Gracey was pitching each theme to be musically expressed to a corps of songwriters. Pasek&Paul turned in the most impressive songs for each musical theme. Btw, the workshops involved Jackman and other Broadway stars ( presumably asked to pitch in by P&P). If you have seen the final workshop released by the studio prior to the movie release you might have recognized a number of Broadway stars ( Cynthia Erivo, Keala Settle, Carrie Manolakos, Allison Luff, Ben Johnson, Jeremy Jordan, Andrew Keenan-Bolger, Natalie Weiss, etc )among the singers. In the first workshop, Sutton Foster and Aaron Tveit sang the roles of Charity & Philip. So the development process can be lengthy. Presumably a fair amount of time is also used to develop stage musicals. In the case of Greatest Showman, Hugh did assume the role of uncredited producer ( which explains why his LOGAN director James Mangold was asked to pitch in for the reshoots and got Exec Producer credit for it -JM did direct the musical biopic Walk The Line).

Re The Music Man - according to the Hollywood Reporter story when Scott Rudin announced the project in March 2019, it took Rudin some 3 years to persuade Jackman to take on the role ( how little they knew that 2 key developments would happen before the revival actually opens on Broadway). Presumably it was not just his film career which was a major factor but I think it was partly because there were initial indications that a stage version of The Greatest Showman was being considered... which plans fell through after Disney acquired all FOX creative assets.

Ironic that Jackman has now played a key role in "rebuilding the show" ( aka ensuring that the show will go on, mainly because he has assured that he was not leaving the show) after Rudin decided to "step back".

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