re: How “Lone Star Love” missed coming to Broadway.
Posted by: NewtonUK 06:26 am EST 11/02/20
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I remember this story from the time. Because of the vagaries of my career, I saw every incarnation of this show except the one at Fifth Avenue Theatre. After the run at The Little Shubert as it was then called, I thought the show was finally dead. It was fun enough at regional theatres, and might have had a life at Shakespeare Festivals - but the reviews were mixed to negative, as was the show. In every incarnation I found a great disconnect between the dialogue and the songs - and wished they had a much better bookwriter - and while hanging the show on the outline of MERRY WIVES, wrote a Texas sounding, funny script. The Quaids behavior was appalling. The producers would have lost a lot more money, IMHO, if they had actually come in.

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