What a weekend!
Posted by: Pashacar 10:55 am EDT 10/26/20

Surprised to not see more chatter here about this week's lineup of limited-time streaming theater options. For the first time since March, I had a week packed with quality theater.

THIS IS OUR YOUTH was enjoyable and quite well acted. Not my favorite of Lonergan's, but still worthy, and done nicely. Lucas Hedges was definitely the standout for me; at this rate he'll be in every Lonergan work before too long.

HEROES OF THE FOURTH TURNING was nearly as spectacular over zoom as in person. The design team did a wonderful job and I hope they keep these readings up to get them to more people -- apparently over 2,000 joined my performance alone! (I also couldn't help thinking they could put these folks in a "pod" and make a killer, low-budget film without changing a word.) The cast has so fully inhabited their characters, the writing is just on a level we haven't seen since Annie Baker's John, and keeping the performance live added a thrill I haven't felt in ages.

DEATH OF A SALESMAN was a delight as well. One of those plays that you can't believe was written when it was, because it is so powerfully, frighteningly relevant today. This production, over 20 years ago, was the last time I saw Death or Dennehy. Of course I knew both were good, but had forgotten that both were about as good as a play or actor can get. And -- what a treat to see a proshot of a play! I'd hope people start to make more (albeit with a few fewer close-ups...).

The week was so packed that I couldn't even fit in SKELETON CREW, which streamed over the weekend.

In addition to sheer quantity, it does feel as if we've entered a new stage of the pandemic, wherein enterprises have figured out how to actually provide experiences that are satisfying at home, rather than just content that is on a screen because it can't be live. For as long as we have to continue to be sequestered, I hope to see more of it!

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