Rendezvous with Marlene live stream with Ute Lemper today
Posted by: rpschnei 07:51 pm EDT 10/25/20

Anyone else catch this live stream today? I've loved Ute Lemper ever since she stepped on my hand at Joe's Pub when I accidentally encroached on her stage. I fell out of love after her Bukowski show, which I detested. But I've been reading about her Dietrich show for over a year and it was great to see it today on the Internet for only $25. The thing I love about her shows is that she isn't afraid to go too far. I hated some of this show (scatting is NOT her strong suit), but absolutely loved parts of it and was very glad to see it. This is more of a play than a nightclub act and I'm curious about how this show, filmed at Club Cumming in the Village, differed from her Cafe Carlyle and 54 Below engagements. I saw some item on ATC that it is going to be shown again for $30 on Club Cumming if anyone else is curious.

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