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MUSIC now available:

Disney Goes ClassicalDisney Goes Classical
(Decca - on CD)
Performed by The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. "Mary Poppins Overture," "How Far I'll Go," "A Whole New World," "Can You Feel The Love Tonight," "Almost There," "Go The Distance," "Colors Of The Wind," "When She Loved Me," "The Bare Necessities," "Part Of Your World," "Beauty and the Beast," "I See The Light," "Let It Go," "Reflection," "When You Wish Upon A Star." Expected vinyl on 12/4/20. Released earlier on mp3 and at iTunes.

Laura BenantiLaura Benanti
(Sony Masterworks - new on CD/mp3/at iTunes)
Debut solo album with Sony Masterworks for Tony Award winning Laura Benanti. "Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk," "Someone You Loved," "What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life?," "Sucker," "The Boy From...," "Go Slow," "Don't Worry 'Bout Me," "50 Ways to Leave Your Lover," "Lose You to Love Me," "Wives and Lovers," "The Party's Over."

Luba MasonLuba Mason: Triangle
(new on CD/on mp3/at iTunes)
"Bach, Stevie Wonder and Janelle Monáe," "Haled's Song About Love," "Ticket to Ride," "Waters of March," "Ceresne," "In Walked Bud," "Inolvidable," "Toxicity," "Say It," "50 Ways to Leave Your Lover." Recorded live at the legendary Power Station studios with Joe Locke on vibes and James Genus on acoustic and electric bass.

Mauray Sings YestonMaury Sings Yeston: The Demos - digital
(PS Classics - new on mp3/at iTunes)
Professionally recorded in studios over a forty-year period. "The Bells of St. Sebastian," "Unusual Way," "The Germans at the Spa," "Simple," "The Queen of Basin Street," "Salt ’n’ pepper," "Mississippi Moon," "Bad News," "The Mardi Gras Ball," "Alive!," "More and More," "Life’s a Joy," "Roberto’s Eyes," "Something’s Happened," "Viva España," "Picture It," "I Will Paint Sounds," "Bon Soir," "Doing the Latest Rag," "Barrett’s Song," "Lady’s Maid," "Sitting at the Captain’s Table," "The Proposal/The Night Was Alive," "No Moon," "Kolya," "Soviet Union Blues," "Tell Me About Your Wife," "To the Future," "Baby at 110," "New Words," "One for a Rainy Day," "My Brother Abel," "The Nileside Cotillion," "No Man’s as Wonderful," "Three Steps Forward," "Down on the Farm," "Nowhere to Go but Up," "Another Day in the Modern World," "Valentine," "December Time." The iTunes download will come with a full 29-page booklet, which includes an essay by Yeston, all the lyrics, and information about songs that were cut or revised, and why. It also "sets up" the songs that benefit from a little exposition. 2-CD set to be released 12/4/20.

Night of the Living Dead MusicalNight of the Living Dead! The Musical!
(Broadway Records - new on mp3/at iTunes)
Original concept album. Score by Jordan Wolfe. The musical premiered in 2019 at Theatre Row. Album produced by Wolfe and James Morgan. Jaime Cepero, Meg Lanzarone, Michelle Dowdy, Michael Buchanan, Susan J. Jacks, Jordan Wolfe, Richard Binder, and Steven Amendola.

Over the MoonOver the Moon digital
(Sony Music Masterworks - new on mp3/at iTunes)
Soundtrack for new Netflix animated film. Songs by s Christopher Curtis, Marjorie Duffield and Helen Park. Original music score by Steven Price. Performing cast includes Phillipa Soo, Ruthie Ann Miles, Ken Jeong, Cathy Ang, and Robert G. Chiu. CD to be released 11/13/20.

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