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Posted by: jbronsto 09:47 am EDT 10/21/20
In reply to: the musicians I know - Bway802er 03:15 pm EDT 10/20/20

Most of the musicians I work with were teaching before all of this happened so we have made that a larger portion of our incomes. I have been doing more arranging and have taught myself audio and video recording and editing to make money. I have also booked some outdoor weddings and restaurant openings in the Hamptons. My actor friends are pivoting to being personal assistants, administrative work, home health care aides, and personal trainers. There have also been a lot of new businesses started: candle making, crafts, knitwear, bakeries, pasta sauces (and a few quiet onlyfans have gone up under alternate names). For me personally it also helps that my expenses went way down...my travel, entertaining, dining out, clothing, and most business related costs went away.

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