THE FAN on Blu-ray
Posted by: 5MinuteCall 05:28 am EDT 10/21/20

Bacall’s psychological thriller turned slasher flick has been out on Blu-ray for about a year but I just got around to watching it yesterday. It’s never looked or sounded (DTS mono) better. Extras features include interviews with Michael Biehn, the director and its editor. All are interesting and offer insight on how the film was originally conceived and then ultimately changed with its original director being fired and reconceived in hopes of cashing in on what was making money at the time. None have a kind word for its leading lady. There’s a commentary track with three men who had nothing to do with the making of the film who simply treat it as a gay romp. Still, all in all, it’s an interesting look at a film that tanked at the box office. It’s not a film that I ever expected to be released on Blu-ray.

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