The same goes for actors I know.
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I'd say that since the concerted push to diversify the American Theatre began in terms of race, gender and able-bodiedness, white actors- the vast majority of my actor friends are white- have been increasingly looking to teaching to supplement what they perceive (or simply know) to be a diminished horizon in terms of weeks worked. (I'm not trying to steer the discussion into this arena, but it's worth noting that the shift to teaching started well before COVID appeared.)

A lot of theatre actors who don't normally pursue film & TV work are doing so with increased vigour and a few I know have landed leads on episodics.

As to access to family wealth, I've always thought a larger percentage of actors came from wealthy families than as opposed to civilians. They also tend not to talk about the fact they may be collecting $1000/month or more in trust fund or loans.

Some I know are doing construction and home reno work. Some bored rich people who support the theatre are having a lot of home reno done and helping out actors by implying them this way.

Some Canadian actor friends are surviving on the government subsidies that are available (for now).

I don't know what the financial life of Broadway regulars is like. People who play supporting roles regularly on Broadway. I'd think that by 35 or 40 they would have accrued some savings that might get them through a year?

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