What are the theater professionals YOU personally KNOW doing to survive & earn a living right now?
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If you have a moment to share some personal anecdotes -- while honoring privacy, of course -- I'd love to know what the theater professionals whom you personally know are doing to earn a living right now. Especially for those of us who live in NYC are connected to the theater industry here, I'd really like to get a sense of how many people are staying in the city and finding other means of employment, versus how many are leaving town.

And for those of you who are connected to regional theater & tours, I'd love to know what's happening in your worlds, too.

Why am I asking? Because I want to know how bad it really is, I guess.

To be honest, it's a bit hard to know what a lot of my theater friends are doing. I don't see them sharing those details on their social media, so unless I feel comfortable directly messaging friends to say, "how's it going? What are you doing to survive?" it all seems a bit opaque. I do think there's a bit of stigma when it comes to performers taking jobs beyond the theater, at least during the 'normal times.' There was always this kinda idea that if you can do anything else but perform, perhaps you should.

Of course, that's all upended now.

Either way, Americans can be very private when it comes to our finances, so I don't want to pry. Only my CLOSEST friends are the kinda folks who might tell me who's got savings, who's relying on unemployment, who's relying on help from family, or who's taken another job.

And if I could generalize among friends with whom I'm close, a good half are taking teaching jobs within the performing arts. Others are relying on spouses or family. Some have lucked out with TV / film work that's still in production. But I have no idea if my friends are representative...

hence this question. If you have a moment to share I'd genuinely like to know.


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