Everything's Jake: Gyllenhaal is a THREE-time Tony Award nominee
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A few years ago, I was disappointed that Jake Gyllenhaal wasn't Tony-eligible for his beautiful performance in ''Sunday in the Park With George.''

So imagine my delight when I discovered that he actually became a 3-time Tony nominee yesterday: He has 1 nomination for Leading Actor in a Play for ''Sea Wall/ A Life,'' and he's got 2 other nominations because his production company, Nine Stories, produced ''Sea Wall/ A Life'' and ''Slave Play.''

Gyllenhaal's reaction to being a Tony nominee:

''I am deeply honored to be nominated today, but also recognize what an uncertain time this is for the theatre world, and the world at large. So I encourage everyone first to VOTE and then, if you can, donate to The Actors Fund in support of the many amazing people who depend on live theater. Being without theatre right now has left a huge void in anyone who cherishes the communal experience of artists coming together to tell a story in front of a live audience. I miss the incredible work of the theatre community and I cannot wait to be back on stage with you all soon!”

Elsewhere, the best Tony reaction I've seen from a NON-Tony nominee is ''Lightning Thief'' star Chris McCarrell (below) ...
Link Chris McCarrell's 'Lightning' response to the Tonys is a classy one

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