McCarrell's 'Lightning' response to the Tonys is a classy one
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Here's Greg Evans' take at Deadline.com: ''On the musical side, no snub was harsher than the one Tony nominators gave young Chris McCarrell, whose performance in the title role of the otherwise so-so 'The Lightning Thief: The Percy Jackson Musical' was outstanding.

''Would McCarrell have stood a chance against the always-stellar Aaron Tveit of 'Moulin Rouge!,' the sole nominee in the Lead Actor/Musical category? Doubtful, but it’s hard to imagine who – least of all Tveit – could have begrudged the deserving McCarrell the opportunity.''

Speaking of classy, here's McCarrell's reaction on his Twitter:

''The 2019-2020 season had a spot for us. A limited engagement run. Which closed according to schedule a month ahead of pandemic. So out of respect for the actors who have sets collecting dust on broadway right now, don’t @ me that the Lightning Thief family got snubbed. The shows that were running got snubbed. Celebrate them now, and remind them what’s waiting. And buy tickets for when they come back. And scream your faces off like you did for us. We are fine. But also I defaulted a Tony today. And somehow that feels important. Like what a tumultuous introduction.''

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