It's not the potential nominees fault that producers wait until April to open many shows
Posted by: dramedy 03:28 pm EDT 10/15/20
In reply to: re: 2020 Tony Award Nominations - joerialto 02:00 pm EDT 10/15/20

i think it is unfair for nominees to have to wait until 2022--almost 3 years after opening in 2019. And there is no guarantee that the actors will return to shows in 2021/22. Producers could have opened shows earlier and Rudin pulled West Side STory as contender (not sure if that was wise but who am i to question Rudin).

As for musicals, Flying Over Sunset was only unknown. The other musicals had pre-broadway tryouts or previews on broadway and none were amazing to dominate the awards except for score category. And of course, there would be a musical revival category. As for plays, Lehman Trilogy and Hangman would have been strong contenders for best play and male actors. The revival plays might have had added some competition, but i don't see any of the parts at the level of juicy roles in Death Of a Salesman or Streetcar that get noticed with every revival.

I applaud the Tony committee in closing the books on this season and start fresh when broadway starts up in late 21 or 2022. 2019 shows would be a distant memory in June 2022 awards.

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