re: Tveit does Tony-worthy work in 'Moulin Rouge!'
Posted by: GabbyGerard 02:16 pm EDT 10/15/20
In reply to: Tveit does Tony-worthy work in 'Moulin Rouge!' - WaymanWong 12:57 pm EDT 10/15/20

I honestly don't mean to be argumentative, but the reviews you quoted made me think, "Am I going crazy? Did he get raves, and I'm just misremembering as a way to validate my own opinion of the performance?" I may indeed still be seeking that validation, but, for the record, Tveit also got his fair share of negative reviews...

NY Daily News: "Aaron Tveit’s wooing Christian...is invulnerable, tunefully disconnected and very much part of the scenery...."

The Guardian: "Tveit, a handsome face attached to a rich lyric tenor, has by contrast all the sexual charisma of a baked potato. His scenes with Olivo seem friendly, nothing more. He wants them to run off together – and what? Have a picnic?"

Deadline: "Both Tveit and Olivo are wonderful singers and fine actors, but neither can bring much depth to these stock stage musical characters. (And if you’re thinking that’s an absurd request, get yourself to Hadestown, Oklahoma! or Tootsie.)"

The Observer: "[T[he slightly limp and pallid Tveit...practically disappears every time he’s onstage beside the incandescent and muscular Olivo."

AMNY: "As the innocent lover-composer Christian, Tveit (“Next to Normal”) has the depth of a stick figure."

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