Tveit does Tony-worthy work in 'Moulin Rouge!'
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For the record, Aaron Tveit got a number of terrific reviews for playing Christian in ''Moulin Rouge!'' Most notably from Ben Brantley in the New York Times, who said Christian was a ''role [Tveit] was born to play,'' and called his ''passionate and uncompromising performance'' his ''best Broadway work to date.'' David Rooney in the Hollywood Reporter added: ''Tveit has never been better or in more glorious voice than as the wide-eyed lover and dreamer.'' And the Outer Critics Circle named Tveit one of its 2020 honorees for Best Actor in a Musical.

In addition, Tveit's overdue for some Tony recognition. After building up his TV resume in recent years with a couple of series (''Graceland,'' ''Braindead'') and movies (''Grease: Live!''), ''Moulin Rouge!'' represents his big return to Broadway, and it was a crowd-pleasing hit. Or to quote Sam Eckmann at GoldDerby.com: ''Tony nominators: You should have nominated Aaron Tveit for “Next to Normal.” You should have nominated him for “Catch Me if You Can.” You didn’t. So consider a nomination for his awesome work in “Moulin Rouge!” as a massively deserved IOU.''

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