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Posted by: EvFoDr 07:34 pm EDT 10/14/20
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RIP. This was the first musical I ever saw on Broadway!

I don't want to make a story where there isn't one, but I always thought he seemed overlooked in the creation of Les Miz. In fact, this obituary contains the most information about his contributions that I have ever encountered. Or perhaps I am assuming he played a bigger part than he did. It's always "Boublil and Schonberg, Boublil and Schonberg" in the press and documentaries and specials and award shows and any of the numerous things I have read and seen about the show over the years. I have their faces memorized and I had no idea what Kretzmer looked like. Of course Kretzmer has always had an official credit and billing, but just doesn't seem as promiment as he might, for someone who wrote all of the words one hears, that tell this beloved and popular story.

Curious if anyone knows more about this, or wants to help me see why I'm way off base :-)

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