Les Miserables The (not-so) Staged Concert
Posted by: Teacher64 07:57 pm EDT 10/12/20

It was nice to finally catch this on Amazon Prime (for $14.99 purchase or $5.99 to rent). However, aside from the cast, this was not much different from other concert versions of this show we've seen. I know there was a tenth anniversary concert and I believe a 25th year anniversary concert as well. Like the others, this is more concert than "staged", with actors singing into microphones (despite the fact they all are wearing body mics) and out to the audience and rarely facing each other and interacting. The "battles" just had the actors standing on stage facing the audience, while gunshots are heard and lights flash. Once again, key moments are missing (the cart, the death of Gavroche, Enjolras hanging off the barricade, Valjean saving Marius, the chase through the sewers) and key moments that are there are not staged effectively (the death of Eponine, Javert's suicide). Michael Ball is pretty good as Javert, if a little gravelly-voiced. It would have been nice to have someone other than Alfie Boe to play Valjean since we already have him on the 25th anniversary video, but he is good though nothing special or unique.
The question is, do we really need another concert version of this musical? Why didn't Macintosh simply make a video of the fully staged and dramatized London production, preferably with the iconic roundtable staging before he shut that one down ? It seems to be the only thing he hasn't done with the show. Maybe in ten more years?? But can we put an end to the concert versions?

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