How theatres in Japan do it during COVID
Posted by: Kaoru 09:19 pm EDT 10/10/20

I just returned from Japan and saw Billy Elliot in Tokyo. I can't describe the feeling to be in a live theatre! Mind you, the infection case and molarity number are much smaller in Japan compared to US (wearing a mask has been a culture so they are used to it), those are the things they are doing now:

1. wear a mask indoor all the time.
2. no food or drink except a bottle with a cap (you can take off your mask when drinking)
3. Seating every other seat, meaning they are performing at 50% capacity. I don't know if they can make a profit. The price hasn't gone up too much. It's about $120 for orchestra seating.
4. taking temp at the entrance
5. Contact tracing. you have to provide your seat number along with your personal information (name, phone number, and address)
6. There's a sign asking to limit your conversation in the theatre.
7. After the performance, the guests are asked to follow the ushers so that social distancing exit is possible.

Can Broadway theatre do any of these? Will the guests follow any of these rules at a Broadway theatre?

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