re: Why does anyone want to see "The Music Man"?
Posted by: Jax 02:33 pm EDT 10/08/20
In reply to: re: Why does anyone want to see "The Music Man"? - Singapore/Fling 02:13 am EDT 10/08/20

You show no understanding for American literature and culture. From Mark Twain (Huck conning his friends into painting the fence) to O.Henry (numerous stories) to "The Lady Eve," "Guys and Dolls" and "The Sting," con men have been recognized as part of the American character. Shrewd, too clever by half, but ultimately with a heart of gold. "The Music Man" certainly falls within these bounds. Your attempt to take the joy out of this tradition by applying cancel culture rhetoric to it is no different than the evangelical Christians who wanted to ban the Harry Potter books because they dealt in magic. Take your pursed lips and your tsk-tsk-tsk and go away and let us enjoy our Harold Hill without your party pooping.

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