re: Why does anyone want to see "The Music Man"?
Posted by: Snowysdad 08:26 am EDT 10/08/20
In reply to: Why does anyone want to see "The Music Man"? - Singapore/Fling 01:01 am EDT 10/08/20

Maybe because not everyone in the world is a smarmy New Yorker who thinks the world ends once you leave Manhattan and maybe Brooklyn now that that borough has become so chic. But seriously there is a world out here, maybe with different attitudes, but we are part of the United States too. Besides, The Music Man is one of the 30 or 40 greatest musicals ever written. Now you may not particularly like or love it, I myself remain aloof from My Fair Lady which doesn't mean its not one of the 10 best ever. So, getting a chance to see a first rate production of one of the greatest musicals is reason enough to want to see it. Hello Dolly, which would probably make it into my top 50 musicals of all time, but no where near as perfect as The Music Man benefited greatly from a production that showed off all that Broadway is capable of with several megawatt stars.

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